Traffic Diversification: don’t place all your eggs in the same basket!

Recently, there have been many websites that have been affected by Google’s Farmer update. This shows how search traffic is vulnerable and susceptible to fluctuations. Now, these things are out of reach and something that cannot be controlled by SEO. However, this is not the only thing that can affect traffic. In fact there are many issues that can impact customer traffic apart from the massive algorithm updates. What the search engines are doing is they are moving in a holistic manner and are looking for features that “brands” have but the other sites don’t. This means that sites having more credibility would be indexed first by the search engines.

From an SEO point of view, it is quite narrow-minded to just focus on the search engines and give importance only to page rankings. In fact, SEO has evolved and today the demands are for a website that is rich in content and at the same time has an expanded web presence. The real growth comes only when there is greater traffic flow from referral sites, direct, social media sites and search engines.

According to a few recent trends all these sources are getting integrated with one another in one form or the other. This means that it is very important for you to develop the right marketing mix and at the same time focus on creating quality content. This will ensure long term success and ensure continuous flow of customer traffic to your website. Even in situations where one source is affected for whatsoever reasons, you can still ensure traffic movement to your site in an effective manner.
Finally, diversifying customer traffic means that you will have to look at new opportunities. You may have to experiment with new and potential sources that offer great links, citations and flow of customer traffic. In the coming days only a diversified traffic portfolio will help websites to stay ahead in the race.

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