Benefits of Backing Up Your Data

Your electronic data is one of the most important assets you will ever generate. Whether you are a company creating customer data or an individual creating projects, you are creating data that is worth saving. The problem is that not enough people are proactive about backing up their data and a great deal of information […]

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I Like it, I Love it, I Want Some More of It

In information retrieval some words are powerful / potent. They are really descriptive and get right to the point of what someone is looking for

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Google As Publisher…

Widgets Video content Video games Product comparison Travel eBooks They might prefer to use different labels (so as to minimize fear in the marketplace & slow down regulators), and they might claim that aggregate statistics control the investments & thus they are not really publishers, but they plan on skimming a big piece off of the top of many big markets. AdWords was just the start! Videos, maps & product search…look how Google self-deals in each while managing to call it a value added feature (or some such). If Google collects data, hosts data, sorts data, recommends personalized consumption habits , and then makes small investments in new content from proven past performers (and then give them a bit of stealth promotion on their network)…how is it possible for Google to lose money

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